Japanese Vocabulary Quotient Credential



About Japanese Vocabulary Quotient Credential (JVQC) programs

Japanese Vocabulary Quotient Credential (JVQC) program is designed for non-Japanese country students or business people to learning Japanese. JVQC provides multiple patterns in learning and assessment modes to meet the requirements for effective and efficient learning 3,500 words or vocabulary in Japanese.

About the certification program

Ranks Vocabulary Words Levels
A Rank (N1) 10000 University Level
B Rank (N2) 6000 Technology Institute Level
C Rank (N3) 3500 High School Level
D Rank (N4) 1500 Vocational High School Level
E Rank (N5) 800 Junior High School Level

Categories of Japanese Vocabulary Quotient Credential(JVQC)

Skills and
Testing mode
Assessments Passing Score Time (mins) Remark
Reading &
Test 2: Reading:
100 questions per test.
--translate Japanese Word(s) to Local Language.
Total score: 250,
and single test score: 70
50 Compulsory
Test 3: Listening:
100 questions per test.
--listen to Japanese word(s) then translate to Local Language.
Test 4: Listening:
100 questions per test.
--translate local language
word(s) and select correct Japanese word(s) by listening.
Spelling Test 1: Spelling.
100 questions per test.
--translate local Language word(s) then type correct Japanese spelling.
40 20 Optional test

Pass score: 250,
and test 1 -- Passing Score : 40 , test 2~4 --Passing Score :70


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