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Key words and terminologies are the KSF (key success factors) needed for students or job-seekers to enter a new domain or workplace. The Professional Vocabulary Quotient Credential (PVQC) program provides about 500 to 2,000 key words and terminologies in English (L2) and native language (L1) for every domain or industry; such as culinary, medical and nursing, hospitality, automobile, ICT(Information and Communication Technology), electrical and electronic industry, etc.
PVQC provides multiple patterns in learning and assessment modes to meet the requirements for effective and efficient learning of key words and terminologies in the domain between in both English and your native language. PVQC certification program provides two levels: specialist and expert.
English is an international language. English is also one of the basic core competencies required for any employee working in a global environment. Based on academic research, the professional vocabulary set (PVS) of a domain or industry is about between 500 and to 2,000 words.
Mastery of professional vocabulary for reading, listening, spelling and speaking (RLSS) will help you become an effective communicator in the global workplace. PVQC was developed by GLAD (Global Learning and Assessment Development center) and its partners including many SMEs (subject matter experts). PVQC focuses on a specific professional domain by collecting and forming a key word set based on professional communication and articles (topics). PVQC was developed by using vocational education methodologies and cloud technology for any employee, employer, or college student. It is an effective learning tool for strengthening your professional vocabulary.

Table1 PVQC Subjects (Categories) and Exams

Culinary and Hospitality Culinary Specialist
Culinary Expert
Hospitality & Tourism Specialist
Hospitality & Tourism Expert
Beverage & Wine Expert (Optional)
ICT (Information and
Communication Technology),
EE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
ICT Specialist
ICT Expert
Network Administration and Security Expert
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Specialist
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Expert
Automotive and Aviation Automotive Service and Maintenance Specialist
Automotive Service and Maintenance Expert
Aviation Service and Maintenance Specialist.
Aviation Service and Maintenance Expert
Commerce and Management Business and Management (Commerce and Trade) Specialist
Business and Management (Commerce and Trade) Expert
Medical and Nursing
Professional Terminology
Medical and Nursing Professional Terminology Specialist
Medical and Nursing Professional Terminology Expert
Cosmetics and Beauty Salon Cosmetics and Beauty Specialist
Cosmetics and Beauty Expert
Digital Multimedia and Design Digital Multimedia and Design Specialist
Digital Multimedia and Design Expert
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Specialist
Mechanical Engineering Expert
Education Education Specialist
Education Expert
Remarks: Two Levels (versions): Specialist and Expert. Pass 2 Expert exams and you can be granted the PVQC Master Certification in the defined domain(s). You must apply for the PVQC master certificate.

Categories of Professional Vocabulary Quotient Credential(PVQC)

The PVQC was developed by GLAD and its partners along with Subject Matter Experts (SME). PVQC has been formulated using vocational educational theories and cloud technologies for students or any individual in the workforce.

The PVQC allows individuals to validate their professional communication & reading skills and progress toward their career goals.

There are two certification levels for PVQC : Specialist and Expert.

Skills and
Testing modes
Assessments Tiers Passing Score Time (mins) Remark
Reading &
Test 2: Reading
100 questions per test.
--translate English Word(s) to Local Language (L1).

•Tier One

•Tier Two

•Tier Three

•Tier Four
Score 440~469分

•Tier Five
Score 470~499分

•Tier Six
Perfect Score (500)

Total score: 350,
and single test score: 70
50 Required tests
Test 3: Listening
100 questions per test.
-- listen to English word(s) then translate to Local Language (L1)
Test 4: Listening
100 questions per test.
--listen to English Word(s) select correct English Word.
Test 5: Listening
100 questions per test.
--translate local language
word(s) and select correct English word(s) by listening.
Test 6: Listening
100 questions per test.
--read English word(s) then select correct English word(s) by listening.
Spelling Test 1: Spelling
100 questions per test.
--translate local Language word(s) then type correct English spelling.

•Tier One
Score 40~49分
•Tier Two
Score 50~59分
•Tier Three
Score 60~69分
•Tier Four
Score 70~79分
•Tier Five
Score 80~99分
•Tier Six
Perfect Score (100)

40 20 Optional test


PVQC : A complete system for learning Professional Vocabulary including Effective Learning, Assessment and Credentialing.

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