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Welcome to the GLAD Learning and Assessment World!

GLAD Authorized Partners are key to the success of the clients we serve and the programs and solutions they offer.

We are pleased to introduce the GLAD partner categories below. Please join us!

About GLAD Partners
The Partners of GLAD (Global Learning and Assessment Development) may include but are not limited to:

A. Solution Provider partners ---
ADC (Authorized Distribution Center)
ASC (Authorized Service Center)
ATEC (Authorized Training and Education Center)
ATC (Authorized Testing Center)

B. SME partners and SOHO partners ---
SME (Subject Matter Experts)
Maker partners
SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) partners
R & D (Research and Development) partners

C. Publishing House partners: Offline partners and/or Online partners

D. Enterprise and Association partners

E. Certified Instructor (CI)

F. Authorized Proctor (AP)

For more information please contact: