Mobile apps Programming Professionals (MPP)


Mobile apps Programming Professionals (MPP) program

MPP (Mobile apps Programming Professionals) program is designed for developers to develop mobile device applications with the essential skills and knowledge of application development with specific development tools such as App Inventor® (Ver. 2 or Classic).

Levels: Fundamentals, Essentials and Professional

Questions Time (mins) Perfect Score Passing Score
Using Performance based tests--One Question Chosen from 5 Questions 20 1000 700

One Optional Question-- How to remote control an “mBot” using a Smart Phone.

20 1000 700

Scopes of MPP (Mobile apps Programming Professionals) using APP Inventor® (Ver. 2 or Classic) exams

Scopes Exam objectives
User Interface Design using App Inventor®
User Interface Design (UID)
User Interface Design Implementation
Data Operations and Flow Controls using App Inventor®

Using Arithmetic Operations and Logic Processes
Using Flow Controls in Programming (Sequences, Selections and Loops) and Logic Processes

Arrays and Procedures using App Inventor®

Using Data Structures to Access Data and Applications
Define and Use Subroutines and Calls

Basic Multimedia Applications using App Inventor®

Using Multimedia Components in Smart Phones
Develop Tasks (or a Special Topic) using Multimedia Components
Animations and Gaming using App Inventor® Design and Use Animations
Develop a Gaming App with Animations and Random Methods
Database Applications using App Inventor®

Design and Use a Database
Develop a Gaming App with Database Integration
Using Google Charts

Wireless Communication using App Inventor®
Using Bluetooth to Control Robots


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