Digital Multimedia Technology


About Digital Multimedia Technology (DMT) Programs

The Digital Multimedia Technology (DMT) program was developed for students or web & graphics artists or marketing professionals to gain the comprehensive knowledge, skill and ability to productively use multimedia applications. The DMT program provides a pathway of learning, practice, assessment and certification.

Levels: The DMT Certification program has two levels-- Fundamentals and Essentials.


About Digital Multimedia Technology (DMT) Programs

Questions Time (mins) Perfect Score Passing Score
Fundamentals - 50 questions 40 1000 700
Essentials - 80 questions 60 1000 700

DMT Scopes (and Objectives)

Fundamentals Essentials
Digital Multimedia Basics
Digital Multimedia Advance
Text and Layout Basics
Design Principles
Vector Graphics and
Bitmapped Images Basics
Text and Layout Advance
Sound Basics
Vector Graphics and Bitmapped Images Advance
Video Basics Sound Advance
Animation Basics Video Advance
  Animation Advance
  Multimedia Applications and Networks


 Multimedia Designers
 Multimedia Animation Designers
 Web Developers
 Graphic Designers
 CAD (Computer Drawing) Specialists
 Multimedia Design Assistants


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