Information and Communication Technology


About Information Communication Technology (ICT) Programs.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) program was developed to provide students or job-seekers with the essential knowledge and skill they need to succeed in workplaces that require the use of information, computers, the Internet and mobile communication. The ICT program provides a pathway of learning, practice, assessment, and certification.

Levels: The ICT Certification program has two levels--Fundamentals and Essentials.


About Information Communication Technology (ICT) Programs.

Questions Time (mins) Perfect Score Passing Score
Fundamentals - 50 questions 40 1000 700
Essentials - 80 questions 60 1000 700

ICT Scopes and Objectives

Fundamentals Essentials
Computer Applications
Concept of Computing
Hardware and Software Basics
Operating System Basics
Popular Applications Basics Hardware and Software Advance
Networking and Resources Multimedia Basics
Electronic Business Basics Database Basics
Basic Information Security and Ethics Popular Applications Advance
  Networking and Mobile Communication Basics
  Internet and Network Resources
  Electronic Business Advance
  Advanced Information Security and Ethics


 Software Engineers
 Computer System Analyst
 ICT Professionals
 Information Assistant


Sample Certificate


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