Multimedia Designer Professionals (MDP)


About Multimedia Designer Professionals (MDP) program

MDP (Multimedia Designer Professionals) program is designed for Designers using Multimedia Design Tools.  The tools include but are not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Auto CAD, etc.  The MDP (Multimedia Designer Professionals) exams are performance-based.


Questions Time (mins) Perfect Score Passing Score
Fundamentals - 50 questions 40 1000 700
Essentials - 80 questions 60 1000 700

MDP Scope and Objectives

Scopes of MDP (Multimedia Designer Professionals)---

MDP Visual Communication Designer exam using Adobe® Photoshop®


Scopes Exam objectives
Basic concepts of digital image processing
Image size
Color types
Color modes
Image file formats
Digital image editing
Image size adjustment
Select a range and fill with color
Basic selection techniques and options
Image transformations
Using clone stamp tools
Using patch tools
Using eraser tools
Basic operations of layers
Basic operations of text layers
Using rulers and grids
Using pen tools
Using shape tools
Digital image color processing Using color replacement tools
Using blending modes
Using brightness and contrast
Using levels adjustment
Using curves adjustment
Using shadow or highlight
Using hue or saturation
Choosing colors
Using channel mixer
Using gradient map
Using exposure controls
Using posterize adjustments
Applications of digital image design

Layer style designs
Applications of filters
Using custom shape tools
Digital image synthesis Layer synthesis
Application of layers and masks
Using fill layers
Layer adjustments
Layer blending modes
Application of keyer effects


 Multimedia Animation Designers
 Web Designers
 Graphic Designers
 Engineering Drawing Specialist
 Advertisement Designers
 Multimedia Design Assistants


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